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Not only are hardwood floors one of the more expensive options for home flooring, but it’s also one of the most difficult to install. While you could install them yourselves, you do risk the cost of improper installations. That’s why you should partner with Zothex for your hardwood flooring needs. With our years of practice and experience, we can install your hardwood floors quickly and seamlessly. Using the best tools and materials available in the market, you’re sure to have the best kind of hardwood floors fit for your space without the hassle of doing it yourself. From hardwood floor material options to its final installation, Zothex is a one-stop shop for all your hardwood flooring needs. 

Hardwood Flooring: From Start To Finish

1. Choosing Your Hardwood Floor Material and Design

Hardwood floors can come in an array of colors, designs, and finishes. Before anything can proceed, you’ll have to choose what type of wood, color, grain, and finish you want for your home. If you’re unsure about which type of hardwood floors would look best in your home, Zothex can send you swatches or digital images for you to see which options are available to you. 

2. Inspection and Floor Prep

Once you’ve chosen your hardwood floor materials, the Zothex team will need to conduct an inspection to map out the placement of each plank of wood. We will also need to prepare the area by removing any old flooring installations as well as cleaning any leftover adhesive or debris from your previous floors. This will ensure that your hardwood floors can be properly installed leaving you with a flat and smooth floor installation. 

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3. Installation of Hardwood Floors

With everything prepped, your hardwood floors can finally be installed. With each plank being laid down carefully, installers can drill and nail down floor planks according to the desired placement. This may take a few hours or a couple of days depending on the wood type, plank size, and installation area. Once each plank has been nailed down, your floors can now be sanded and stained to finish off the entire process.  

4. Final Inspection

Before leaving any job, Zothex will do a final inspection to ensure the quality of our work. If there is anything out of place or needs further refinement, we will address it before considering the job complete. Once everything has been checked, we can do a final cleaning and leave you to enjoy your new hardwood floors. 

Is Hardwood Flooring Right For You?

Hardwood flooring brings with it many benefits to a home. Aside from bringing a look of luxury into your home, it’s also a very durable and low-maintenance flooring option. While they may cost quite a bit upfront, hardwood floors can last around 100 years if properly taken care of. 

You also don't need any fancy tools or treatments to maintain it. Regular cleaning and dusting should be enough to maintain its quality and durability. At most, you may need to invest in a termite treatment once a year to ensure that the wood remains termite-free, but other than that hardwood floors should be a one-time purchase. 

FAQs About Hardwood Flooring

Q: How long do hardwood floor installations take?

A: The amount of time it will take for hardwood floors to be installed is heavily dependent on the size of the area that needs installations. If the area is roughly 1,500 sq ft or under, it could take a professional hardwood floor installer around 1 to 3 days to complete the project from start to finish. But if the area is much bigger, it could take several more days. 

Q: How much does hardwood floors cost?

A: The cost of installing hardwood floors in your home may be dependent on how the room or area is and what kind of wood you chose. On average, a 1,500 sq ft area will cost anywhere from $4,500 to $30,000. Before having any installations done, it would be advisable to discuss your flooring budget with your contractor to ensure you don’t overspend. 

Q: Are hardwood floors worth the investment?

A: While the look and feel of having hardwood floors may be enough to justify its high price tag to some people, it's also worth noting that hardwood floors increase the market value of your home. If you do ever decide to move and sell your home, hardwood floors have been known to increase its sale value by 3% to 5%.

Q: How do I maintain hardwood floors?

A: Hardwood floors are relatively easy to maintain. The important thing is to use cleaning solutions that don’t have vinegar, soap, or wax as they can alter the finish of your hardwood floors in the long run. Dusting and regular moping should keep your hardwood floors looking good as new.

Q: Are there cheaper alternatives to hardwood floors?

A: Hardwood floors are definitely a luxury to have in one’s home. While most people would like to have hardwood floors their high price point can sometimes seem unreasonable to people. If you are looking for a similar look and feel at a cheaper price point, laminates or vinyl is a great alternative. While not exactly the same as using real wood, these two materials can closely mimic the look of real wood and give you a similar end result.  

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If you’re looking for professional and efficient hardwood floor installers in North Carolina, Zothex is the company for you. At Zothex, we offer our clients an array of top-quality hardwood flooring options that can meet any specification they may have. From dark wood with a glossy finish to lighter wood with a semi-matte finish, we’re sure to have the hardwood floors you need. Once you’ve chosen, using the best tools and methods, we can quickly install them in a matter of days. For more information on our home and commercial services, contact us and book an inspection today.

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